Tuesday, 29 September 2015

Squirreling about

It's that time of year when the weather starts turning and the squirrels are busy in the garden. I see a lot of them bouncing around our garden, either hiding acorns or looking for acorns they've hidden?! There are quite a few fabric designs out there with squirrel motifs on them and I was drawn to their sweet little images.  I recently made two coin purses out of two different squirrel fabrics which you can find in my store here.

This sweet little squirrel coin purse is the smallest size I do and is perfect for squirrelling away small change or for storing iPhone earbuds/headphones in. The outside image is a simple graphic silhouette on a nut brown ground and it has a matching beige and brown polka dot lining.

 This coin purse is slightly larger and is made from a Japanese furoshiki fabric - fabric that is used to wrap presents. I love the soft blue and cream of the deco-inspired design, with the odd brown squirrel here and there. This purse can hold small change and is big enough to keep credit cards in too!
You can find it in my store here.

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