Monday, 16 January 2017

Top Drawer

An impromptu trip to Top Drawer on Sunday was actually quite inspiring! I often try and pop along there, as it's a great place to get a feel for design trends. This time I went with my friend Nicky who was sourcing sympathy cards for her business, Angel and Dove. We spent quite a bit of time in the stationery section, which is always good for inspiration. I also dipped into the homewares section to see what was going on.

Pineapples are obviously still a popular design motif and I loved these plates that combine pineapples with a pleasing printed-effect geometric.

Katie Leamon creates beautiful stationery and I loved the simple graphics of her gift wrap that comes in a lovely thick weight paper.

Perlenfischer is a company launched by graphic designer Katja Kucherer. She is based in Germany and creates quirky rubber stamps that are characterised by simplicity and attention to detail. She displayed how versatile the stamps could be, using a variety of stamps to create some really fun images. Check out her website for more fun ideas.

Raspberry Blossom is a company that produces gift wrap and greetings cards. They use a pretty palette of sherbet colours and I really liked their painterly gift wrap.

We nipped upstairs to check out the Spotted and Craft sections, which is where there are a lot more one-off items. It's also great to see new designers who are showing for the first time. I was taken by these fabulous knitted chairs.

Friday, 13 January 2017

Fabric Friday

This Friday I'd like to mention some fabric pieces that I bought last weekend from a lovely new shop on Hill Rise in Richmond, owned by an American woman who has hand selected each piece of fabric. The shop is called Loving the Fabric and the woman behind it is Gay Appleby, who has had a life long passion with sewing, as well as a love of vintage textiles and fashion. On her website you can see examples of fabric for sale in her shop, along with a gallery showing pictures of her studio, examples of items she has been making, and photos of her collage work. You can see a small selection of fabrics on her website, but it's much better to go in and see and feel them in person!

This bright multi coloured Tana Lawn cotton is by Liberty and is beautifully soft. I love the use of colour and the scrolly, floral design. This will be used for clutch bags and purses.

I also homed in on a striking geometic fabric in red and cream. I think it will look lovely as a clutch bag and could even use the Tana Lawn fabric as a lining for a flash of colour on the inside.

This stunning gold woven fabric has a decorative floral motif and would be perfect for a clutch bag. It's a modern fabric, but would sit perfectly with the vintage Japanese obi fabrics in my store.

The red and cream geometric fabric could also be used as a lining for this gold bag.

Monday, 9 January 2017

Forest Friends

Forest animals have been a popular image in recent years and you can find them on all manner of fun items. Fox and hedgehog images still seem to be going strong and I found these fab ones recently. So far I have made them up into cosmetic bags, but I will be making more items (coin purses, card cases, tissue holders) over the next few weeks.
You can find them both in my store here.

The fabric of the fox cosmetic bag shows sweet little sleeping foxes. The foxes are a purple colour so I decided to give them a purple triangle lining.

The fabric of the hedgehog cosmetic bag shows brown hedgehogs on a funky green ground.

I gave this cosmetic bag the same purple triangle lining as the green of the triangles matches the outer colour.

Thursday, 5 January 2017

A new family member

 The Boston Terrier fabric has been very popular here at Cheeky Leopard and I sadly ran out of a lot of it around christmas time. Luckily I recently acquired some more fabulous fabric, mentioned on my blog here. This time it has sweet Boston Terriers in a simple black outline on a natural ground. The colourway is a bit more subtle than the mustard yellow version and it has a black and white polka dot lining for a fun contrast inside.

So far I have made a cosmetic bag and a tissue holder, which make a great gift set.

Both items have a black and white polka dot lining.

You can find the cosmetic bag and tissue holder in my store here.

Sunday, 1 January 2017

Happy New Year!

Happy New Year from Cheeky Leopard!

Heres to a happy and fruitful year ahead. To celebrate, I've tweaked my logo slightly and I've also ordered some new Cheeky Leopard labels. There's nothing like a bit of tweaking to get the new year going!

Tuesday, 27 December 2016

Back in action

After a lovely christmas break, spent with family and friends, Cheeky Leopard is now back in business! I'm celebrating with these lovely doggy fabrics I received over the christmas period. Each one has a lovely Boston Terrier/French Bulldog motif on it, which has been a popular theme recently. Watch out for some new items in store soon!

I love the black outline on a natural ground.
It will be, co-ordinated with a black and white polka dot lining.

The mustard ground was a popular colour and I was glad to be able to find some more of it.

Who can resist that sweet little doleful face?!

I still have a few Boston Terrier items in my store and you can find them here.

Saturday, 24 December 2016

Merry Christmas!

A very Merry Christmas to one and all!
Thanks so much to everyone who has supported Cheeky Leopard over the past year. I love what I do and love the fact that others love what I do too!

Here's to a very happy and fruitful 2017.

Friday, 23 December 2016

Fabric Friday

Christmas is nearly here and Cheeky Leopard has shut up shop until 27th December, but I'm still playing with fabrics! This week's offering is a lovely little bunch of novelty cottons, ranging from cute penguins, to fun pineapples. I'm planning on making them up into tissue holders, card cases, cosmetic bags and coin purses and they should be available in store very soon.

Penguins have always been a popular fabric for my Cheeky Leopard items and this one is a great little addition. There's a black and white spotty fabric that will be the perfect complimentary lining.

I love this bicycle fabric and the black and grey colourway means that it's a great unisex design.

Pineapples are a fun motif and still a very popular image. These ones are so sweet and make me feel like summer is just around the corner.

Dog fabrics have done very well for me and these poodles are a slight change in style. I love their purple colouring and think a pink and white candy stripe will make a great lining for them.

Friday, 16 December 2016

Fabric Friday

It's beginning to feel a lot like christmas here at Cheeky Leopard and I thought I'd get into the mood by creating these festive stockings. I had some christmasy cottons in my extensive fabric stash, and decided to mix them with some of the fabric that I designed for Makower UK. Each stocking has been lined with a contrasting fabric (much like my Cheeky Leopard bags!) and has a ribbon loop to hang it up with. I think they will look very jolly, especially once filled with presents from Mr Claus....

The stocking below is made from a red tree fabric that I designed for Makower UK. It has a green and white diamond lining that has a nice contrast to the outside design.

The fabric below is a slightly untraditional christmas colour - brown. But it works well and I added a snowflake lining, also designed by me for Makower UK.

The stocking below is made from a pretty green and white decorative snowflake design and the lining is made of a decorative scandi-inspired reindeer design, also designed by me for Makower UK!

Thursday, 15 December 2016

A little gem

I've just added another little gem to my store. This one is a small clutch bag made from a stunning vintage obi fabric. The obi is the 'belt' that goes around the kimono and the fabric is often woven in a brightly coloured design that holds its shape very well. This would make the perfect party clutch and you can find this little cutie in my store.

The design on one side of the bag is a decorative medallion motif made from shades of red, orange, purple and green with a glittering metallic gold highlight. 

The other side is a geometric design in vivid green and metallic gold.
I decided to give this bag a bright red lining to match the red on the outside of the bag.

 This would make the perfect party clutch and you can find this little cutie in my store here.

Wednesday, 14 December 2016

The Bostons are back

The Boston terriers are back by popular demand! But not for long I'm afraid as stocks are running out fast. This lovely little black and white fella on a blue ground has proven to be a very popular item. He's been made up into coin purses, card cases, cosmetic bags and tissue holders and they have all sold out. I'm replenishing my stocks, but the fabric is almost used up and all that I now have in store are these two cute items that would make perfect stocking stuffers or Secret Santa gifts.

Both items have a fun red and white polka dot lining that matches the red of the dog's collar.

The coin purse is great for storing small change or for using as a headphone case, and the card case could be used for storing credit cards or business cards.

If you are still looking for Boston terrier items, not to worry, I still have stocks of the Boston terrier in the mustard yellow and cream version. You can see all items here.

Tuesday, 13 December 2016

Seeing red

It's countdown time to christmas day and time is running out! There's still time to pick up one of these beautifully festive clutch bags though. Each one is made from a vibrant red or orange fabric with a flash of metallic gold to really celebrate the season.

The clutch bag below is made from a vintage Japanese obi fabric and has a bright red cotton lining.

The clutch bag below is made from a modern cotton fabric with a stylised chrysanthemum design.

The clutch bag below is also made from a vintage Japanese obi fabric.
It has a stunning turquoise lining.

Thursday, 8 December 2016

Keyring cuties

On top of making kimono greetings cards, I've also been busy making kimono keyrings! I already have the padded heart keyrings in my shop, but I've now added a new version which consists of plastic keyring with the kimono fabric sandwiched inside. I've used a different fabric on each side of the keyring and on top of this, each keyring has a complementary tassel.

Below is a small selection go what I have on offer and you can find more in my store.

Tuesday, 6 December 2016


I recently added some more greetings cards to my store! Each pack contains three cards that have been decorated with pretty vintage Japanese kimono fabrics. My favourites are the cards that use kimonos with chrysanthemum, blossom and butterfly fabrics in shades of black, white and orange. They have all been mixed up so that each pack contains a variety of colours and designs.
You can find them in my store here.

Friday, 2 December 2016

Fabric Friday

There's nothing like a spot of hot pink and tumultuous turquoise to brighten your day! I bought these two stunning fabrics last week and can't wait to make them up into some gloriously bright clutch bags. They both have a butterfly motif and each will be given a suitably bright lining to compliment the outer fabric.

The turquoise blue clutch bag will have a hot pink lining.

The hot pink clutch bag will have a bright turquoise blue lining.

These fabrics match a bag that I already have in my store. It's a beautiful emerald green fabric and also has a butterfly motif. You can find it here.

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