Saturday, 11 May 2019

Mexican laquerware

Needless to say, when I was in Mexico I did a little bit of shopping! It was difficult not to when there were so many beautiful things around me. One of the items I bought was a lacquer tray. Mexican lacquerware is one of the country's oldest crafts and is created by artisans in Olinara, Guerrero. The technique follows traditional methods using vegetable colourants and paints. The lacquer is made with chia oil and the decoration is created by applying two coats of contrasting colours (in this case green and white), and then the top layer is scratched away to create an intricate design. I love the modern, fresh colour palette of this tray and it fits beautifully with my collection of vases in my living room.

Wednesday, 8 May 2019

Adios Mexico

What a wonderful journey I’ve had! I’ve had reflective time by the sea and then a wonderful time catching up with dear friends in a vibrant city. I’m so sad to leave but I’ll definitely be back. Mexico has stolen my heart!

Mexican adventure - Mercado Medellín

My last visit of the trip was to Lee’s local food market. I love seeing the local produce and watching the everyday life that goes on. There’s always a new type of food to find too. We saw dried peppers that were almost black in colour, conical sugar lumps, dried pig skin and lots of vibrantly coloured fruit and veg. We also walked through the dining hall which was abuzz with people eating and catching up.

Mexican adventure - Utilitario Mexicano

Lee took me to a fabulous shop called Utilitario Mexicano which is situated in the Juárez area, an area that was abandoned for a long time but has recently started to be rejuvenated. The shop sells everyday Mexican items (everything from enamel tin ware to straw hats and woven bags) but displays them in a pleasing manner, on peg boards around the walls and shelving in the middle of the white warehouse-like space.

Mexican adventure - Fabrica Social

On our wanderings around the local area we came across a lovely shop called Fabrica Social, which sells items of clothing and accessories made by the artisans living in the Chiapas mountain region. It’s situated at the end of a serene courtyard and sells items that take hours to make. Each item has been documented with the name of the artist and the amount of time it took to make.

Mexican adventure - MODO

After another hearty breakfast at Lalo, Lee and I headed to MODO, Museo del Objeto del Objeto. It’s a museum dedicated to collecting and preserving diverse expressions of design and communication with over 100,000 objects dating from 1810 to the present day. There are examples of packaging, advertising and the visual arts which represent aspects of everyday life. 

Tuesday, 7 May 2019

Mexican adventure - the last supper

For my last meal in Mexico City, Lee took me to a fab restaurant called Paramo which is housed in what would have once been the first floor of a family house. You access the restaurant up a dimly lit staircase and come up into a rabbit warren of rooms that lead off each other. The main dining room is warmly lit and lively, we sat in one of the ante rooms, surrounded by curios. The food was scrumptious - tuna ceviche with mango and avocado in a divine sesame dressing, slow cooked pork tacos and, of course, the obligatory margarita to wash it down with.

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