Friday, 2 December 2016

Fabric Friday

There's nothing like a spot of hot pink and tumultuous turquoise to brighten your day! I bought these two stunning fabrics last week and can't wait to make them up into some gloriously bright clutch bags. They both have a butterfly motif and each will be given a suitably bright lining to compliment the outer fabric.

The turquoise blue clutch bag will have a hot pink lining.

The hot pink clutch bag will have a bright turquoise blue lining.

These fabrics match a bag that I already have in my store. It's a beautiful emerald green fabric and also has a butterfly motif. You can find it here.

Wednesday, 30 November 2016


I'm always attached to each and every item I create for my store, and it makes it even more special when I hear from customers who have been happy with their Cheeky Leopard purchase. One customer recently contacted me to say that she had received a Cheeky Leopard wedding anniversary gift from her husband!

This gift was for their five year anniversary. Their wedding had an apples and wheat theme, so the apple coin purse and card case were the perfect gift!

You can find more apple items in my store here.

Monday, 28 November 2016

The bulldogs are back!

The French Bulldogs (or Boston Terriers if you're in the States) are back in full force!
It's been a popular item and I've been busy replenishing my stock by making a cosmetic bag, coin purse, card case, tissue holder and glasses case in this fabulous fabric. It comes in a heavyweight cotton with a fab mustard yellow and cream polka dot background, with outline images of the bulldogs in several poses.

The cosmetic bag has a large black and white polka dot lining and is a great size for storing makeup or gadgets. It could also be used as a handbag organiser or pencil case.

The card case also has the large black and white polka dot lining and
could be used for storing credit cards, business cards or travel cards.

The coin purse is so cute! Who could resist those puppy dog eyes?

The tissue holder is a fun way to store tissues in your bag and
the bright colour makes it easier to find.

The glasses case is softly padded and ideal for storing large sunglasses in.

You can find them all in my store here.

Friday, 25 November 2016

Black Friday

It's that time of year again and as a thank you to all my customers, I'm offering a special 25% discount off all Cheeky Leopard items for one day only.

Simply enter coupon code 'BLACKFRIDAY16' at the checkout to receive 25% off your order.

Wednesday, 23 November 2016

Pink sausages

I've been busy with the sausage dog fabric again! This time it's a pink dachshund fabric and I've rustled up a little sausage selection to choose from, which you can see below.

The cosmetic bag is a great size for storing makeup or gadgets
and has a fun pink and white spotty lining.

The coin purse is very cute and is big enough for small change or for storing headphones in.

The tissue holder comes filled with tissues and is a fun way to protect tissues in your bag. 
The bright colour also makes it easy to find!

The card case also has the fun pink and white spotty lining
and can be used for business cards, travels cards or credit cards.

If pink is just a bit too much for you, I also have these two cosmetic bags that come in two colours with either a cream background or a blue background. A fun gift for any dachshund-lover!

Monday, 21 November 2016

Happy Monday

Happy Monday to all. I hope the weather's better wherever you are. Here in London, the weather has been very English - cold, grey and rainy - and I'm already dreaming of long summer evenings!

Today I thought I'd mention something to brighten the day, this rather lovely little plate I bought in Tokyo recently. Whenever I do the International Bazaar I'm always tempted to purchase items from other vendors while I'm there - beautiful washi paper ornaments and intricately woven temari balls. This time I was quite reserved in my spending and only came home with this rather cute little plate in the shape of a Japanese lady's face.

She has a happy smile and is based on the traditional masks used in Japanese Noh theatre.
She fits in perfectly with my kokeshi doll collection.

Friday, 18 November 2016

Japanese cuties' big sister

A while ago I mentioned these fab little Japanese cuties on my blog. They are coin purses made from a fabric with cute little Japanese girls on.

The red and blue ones sold at the International Bazaar in Tokyo recently, but the cream purse is still available in my store, so I decided to create a big sister to go with it!
The 'big sister' is the cosmetic bag size and is a great size for storing makeup. It could also be used as a gadget pouch for storing chargers, or makes a great handbag organiser.

I've given this purse a bold black and white polka dot lining as a contrast to the outer fabric.

You can find this cutie in my store here.

Monday, 14 November 2016

Fabric finds

So, after a fabulous and manic trip to Tokyo, I am now safely back home. My case is unpacked, clothes are being washed and I am back at work. But I'm still going through the stash of fabric I managed to buy when I was there.

A big reason for going to Tokyo was to sell my bags at the International Bazaar, but another reason was to stock up on more fabric for my collection. Tokyo is great for its vintage kimono and obi fabrics that can be found at the endless antique markets and shops around the city, but it is also a haven for any fabric lover. Its supply of fabric shops, most of which can be found in the aptly-named Fabric Town in Nippori, would keep any fabric addict happy for a very long time! My favourite shop is Tomato, a haven that is comprised of five floors! Each floor focuses on a different fabric type, cottons on one floor, silks on another, with bargains on the ground floor - this is the busiest floor and some gems can be found there with a degree of foraging and polite elbowing.

These two cottons caught my eye for their vibrant colours and fun themes. Pineapples are a popular image and I liked the juicy turquoise ground and loose rendering of the fabric above. I loved the sunny yellow ground of the origami birds below, with the odd addition of pink to break it up.

Another sunny fabric is this blossom design below. You can't get much brighter than this yellow and red combination which has touches of gold in the centre of the flowers. It will work well on both clutch bags and cosmetic bags and I see a vibrant red lining working very well with this design.

This cat fabric below was a must. Cats are very popular and this fabric would be fab made up into cosmetic bags and coin purses, or even a tote bag. Here and there is a silhouette in gold.

On top of finding new designs, I also like to buy more of the designs that have been popular for me. One of those is the stork fabric below that I have used for clutch bags and cosmetic bags in the past. It's a furoshiki fabric and is a lovely graphic design of storks in flight. I will use a red lining to match the red of the stork's beaks.

The other fabric I often pick up is a furoshiki fabric with happi coats on. It's such a typical Japanese image depicted in a very fun, graphic way. This will also have a red lining.

Along with a number of stunning obi fabrics I bought, which I mentioned in a blog post while I was there, I also bought some pretty vintage kimono fabrics. These are much finer and softer than the obi fabrics and have a totally different feel. I tend to home in on the vibrantly-coloured kimono fabrics and this one below is such a fun one in vibrant reds, greens and purples, using traditional stylised images of chrysanthemums and leaves.

The kimono piece below is slightly more subdued for me, but I loved the design and combination of flowers and bamboo.

On top of the multi coloured kimono fabrics, I also like the black and white versions and picked up two pieces that I liked. The stylised chrysanthemum is a nice allover design and I like the touches of orange and mustard in the centre of the flower here and there. The butterflies would work well with a contrasting colour, maybe a vibrant obi fabric?! Watch this space.....

Sunday, 13 November 2016

Tokyo - Day 6

Our last day in Tokyo! And it was pouring with rain when we woke up. Luckily it had stopped by the time we left. First stop was Ivy Place in Daikanyama for a filling brunch. Then on to Jiyugaoka to dip into one of my favourite kimono shops, a tiny family-owned place down a side road. I picked up some lovely pieces including this stunning piece below.

We then went straight to Shimbashi to get on the monorail out to Odaiba. The train goes out over the rainbow bridge.

First stop was the Miraikan museum which had exhibits on science and space.

We saw a few types of robots and androids. Some were a bit too real looking but in a rather spooky way....

By this time we were really ready for some relaxation, so we headed to the Odaiba onsen (hot spring) for a dip.

It's designed like a mini Edo village and you turn up, change into your yukata (cotton kimono) and then trot around, enjoying the different options. We soaked in the hot baths, had a massage, tried out the sea salt sauna (where you lie on hot salt crystals) and dipped out feet in the outdoor foot spa.

We even chowed down on yummy katsu curry washed down with a cold beer.

We are heading back to the UK tomorrow. It's been another fab, whirlwind trip to Tokyo! Who knows when I'll be back to this mad city? Until then, I have some great memories.

Friday, 11 November 2016

Tokyo - Day 5

It was the last day of the International Bazaar today. We finished at 2pm and after packing up and saying sad goodbyes to the dear friends I've made there, we headed off to enjoy our last day and a half in Tokyo. The first stop was food and we dipped into another ramen restaurant in Shibuya for some dipping noodles and gyoza....

...and then round the corner for a spot of karaoke, a great stress buster!

All the 80s classics came out including Culture Club and Madonna.

Then on to the Mori Tower in Roppongi to check out an exhibition, and the view from the 52nd floor. It has a pretty stunning view of Tokyo Tower.

From there we headed down the road to meet a dear friend, Tatsuya. He took us to a very authentic Japanese restaurant where every course was a work of art.

Thursday, 10 November 2016

Tokyo - Day 4

A big reason for coming to Tokyo was to do the International Bazaar at the Tokyo American Club and today is traditionally the busiest (and longest) day. I got to the club at 8am ready to set up my stall which was luckily in a new and busier place.

I'm so proud of how the stall looked and love how my bags all work together. I also got to see a lot of familiar faces, old friends, return customers, as well as new customers.

The show finished at 8pm and I was ready for some food and something cold and alcoholic to drink. I still hadn't had my sushi fix so we headed to a kaiten sushi (conveyor belt sushi) place in Shibuya.

I loaded up on a massive selection of sushi all washed down with a cold beer. Yum!

Wednesday, 9 November 2016

Tokyo - Day 3

After a leisurely breakfast I headed into the Tokyo American Club to set up my stall. It's always lovely to see the friends I have made there over the years, and it makes it all so much more special.

It's also great seeing my bags on display. The colours are stunning and work so well together - like a box of jewels!

After setting up my stall, we walked to Roppongi to seek out some tonkatsu (breaded pork) at Tokyo Midtown. The pork has a lovely thick dipping sauce and comes with shredded cabbage which you can smother with sesame dressing.

After fuelling up we headed back to Omotesando to check out the mayhem of Kiddy Land and of course I couldn't pass the Oriental Bazaar without having a quick look. Needless to say, I came out with a purchase! This stunning green and gold obi.

I was pretty impressed with these samurai suits too, but won't be taking one home with me.....

After an evening of selling at the International Bazaar, we headed to Gonpachi for food.

We loved the deep fried shredded squid and yakitori chicken.

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