Saturday, 15 September 2018

Cutie cacti

I'm loving the array of cactus designs that are around at the mo. You can decorate your whole life with a variety of fun prickly cacti. This wallpaper by Betapet goes to the extreme but how fab to use it on a statement wall in a bathroom.

Another statement is this cute cactus rug by Sass and Belle where they have turned spiky into soft and given it a happy smile.

Cheeky Leopard naturally loves the cactus motif and I've used a rather lovely cactus print that I designed for Makower UK. I designed each cactus in a brightly coloured pot and put it on a light green background. For the lining I've used a fun pink and white polka dot. This coin purse is the perfect size for carrying small change or for storing headphones in.

 For correspondence or birthday wishes with a difference, this lovely card set by Heleen van den Thillart is perfect with its watercolour effect.

Or you can get creative with this fabulous downloadable cacti clipart at The Ink Nest and apply it to all sorts of items from notebooks to wall art.

There are many lovely cactus items for the home. I love these glass cactus vases by Heaven's Gate Home and Garden. I'm a bit partial to green and blue glass vases anyway, but how fab to have a selection in cactus form too?!

This Cheeky Leopard cactus card case is a fab way to carry credit cards, business cards or travel cards and has a fun pink and white polka dot lining.

Cacti are one of the easiest plants to keep in the home and great for someone who is not so good at remembering to water them! I love creating a little arrangement of three or four of them in differing shapes and sizes and these wooden pots by Minimum Design are a fab simple and modern way of presenting them.

You can even go minuscule and have this pet cactus keyring from Rock n Rose. You can choose from two cactus plants that are super hardy and you only have to water the plant once a week by sitting the base of the capsule in a little water for a few minutes. Simple!

This Cheeky Leopard glasses case is the ultimate summery accessory and perfect for storing oversized sunnies in. It also has a pink and white polka dot lining that matches the pink of the pots on the cactus print.

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