Sunday, 20 October 2019

Autumn at Anthropologie

It's that time of year when the days are getting shorter and the weather is getting cooler and it's a great time to forage around the shops and take in the beautiful autumn colours. Anthropologie is always a source of inspiration for me. As a textile designer, it's very inspiring and I love their use of pattern and colour. There were a lot of jewel tones on my recent visit as well as an interesting mix of fabrics.

This rayon top uses a loose floral style and is mixed with a dark geometric background that brings out the colours. It also has a gold woven dot running through it to add a bit of glitz to your outfit.

This top is a beautiful berry tone and has a 3D effect with pretty embroidered flowers.

A paisley is a classic design and can be coloured in an amazing array of colours that can radically change its look. This one uses quite a traditional palette, but has hints of hot pink.

This folk-inspired embroidery is on the sleeve of a rather simple black blouse. I love the isolation of a design to just one area of the garment - a nod to folk without being too folky!

I was drawn to this velvet chair that comes in amazing jewel tones. Quite a statement!

This stunning print was on a maxi dress. The black background really shows off the colours and design of this retro-inspired print.

These sequinned handbags were like little gems, with their soft pink and gold colourings.

Even the trainers were brightly coloured. I love the acid green, turquoise and grey colour combo and the addition of the grey and white speckled soles.

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