Saturday, 19 October 2019

Indigo by Makower UK

I was scrolling through Instagram recently when I came across some fabrics I designed recently for Makower UK! I saw them on the Fabric Worm Instagram page and they were so beautifully presented I just had to share them!

Each design has been created in two colourways, with most on a blue ground or a cream ground. All colours can be intermixed and all compliment each other. I included a mix of Japanese florals as well as a selection of other Japanese images such as koi fish and temples.

I've been a textile designer for many years, but I still get a thrill when I see my designs. I especially like these ones as they are inspired by the indigo fabrics and designs of Japan. I lived in Japan for four years and often found myself gravitating towards the soft, muted blues of the indigo-dyed fabrics there - the older the better!

I have designed a few Japanese-inspired collections for Makower UK over the years (which you can see here) and this time I was excited to use the indigo palette as my starting point.

In conjunction with this collection, Lynne Goldsworthy designed a quilt pattern and I was so pleased with the outcome. It really shows off the Indigo designs well.

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