Friday, 14 June 2019

Porto - finding our feet

Daniel, our Airbnb host, was very informative and took us through a map of the city, pointing out the best things to do in the three days we have here. Then it was time for us to head out and fill our bellies with a late lunch and a glass of wine. We came across a very reasonable cafe selling scrumptious fresh sandwiches and Greek salad which we washed down with a glass of  wine each. I chose the white wine and definitely lucked out in size. Subashini chose the port wine and her glass was tiny! We also came across some beautiful blue and white tiles as well as some scrumptious pasteis de nata (a kind of custard tart) which were even more tasty washed down with a second glass of wine. We also wandered through the mercado and wondered at all the beautiful packaging of the sardines and chocolates on sale.

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