Saturday, 4 May 2019

Mexican adventure - friends reunited

So after a lovely relaxing time at the beach, I was really ready to get to Mexico City and meet up with Roz and Lee, dear friends from college (and New York). Luckily Roz’s flight from NY got in just before mine so we were able to get a cab together to Lees apartment. It was so exciting to meet at the airport! Lee’s apartment it situated in Roma and we were soon there. It is lovely and modern, with a roof terrace, and has stunning views over the city. After a little time catching up we all headed out to wander round the local area. First stop was Mercado Roma, a food hall where you can sample all sorts of Mexican treats. We dived straight in and got tacos which were delicious! After more wandering, and wondering at the prettiness and serenity of the area, Roma, we settled down in a gorgeous courtyard bar for cocktails and more nibbles. The gin guy comes round with a trolley and mixes up your choice of gin cocktail whilst a cool DJ plays tunes. Nice welcome to the city!

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