Monday, 8 April 2019

Charming Chinoiserie at Pitzhanger Manor

After a three year conservation and restoration project, Pitzhanger House is now open to the public and on Saturday I went along to check it out. The house was designed and built between 1800 and 1804 by Sir John Soane, one of Britain's most influential architects and he built it in then rural Ealing as a country retreat. He built it to showcase his skills as an architect and designed it around his eclectic and growing collection of art and antiquities. The house was also built as a place of entertainment to host dinners and large parties for clients and influential friends.


The restoration project has reinstated important structural features as well as design features, which include the dramatic marbling in the entrance hall and intricately painted ceiling in the dining room. My favourite room is the the Upper Drawing Room where they have recreated the hand-painted Chinese wallpaper.

Chinoiserie is an interior design trend once again and can be seen in many home dec magazines. The style works beautifully as a design on a statement wall.
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I love the soft pink of the design below, seen in a recent copy of Living Etc.

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Gucci's Resort 2019 collection was strongly influenced by Chinoiserie design.

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And even Cheeky Leopard likes to use Chinoiserie-insired fabrics in its creations. This clutch bag uses a dramatic green satin fabric with a bamboo and blossom motif.

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