Wednesday, 27 February 2019

Stunning storks

A while ago I mentioned a collection I designed for Makower UK called Kimono which was inspired by the kimonos of Japan and one of the designs I created was a stork design. In Asia, the stork is a symbol of happiness and eternal youth and in Japan it is a mystical or holy creature, symbolising good fortune and longevity.

This design has now been used to create some rather fab items for my Cheeky Leopard store!

It's so lovely being able to create the fabric designs and then use those designs to create items for my store. The storks come in two colours and I've made coin purses and glasses cases in both fabrics. This coin purse is big enough to fit small change, credit cards and earphones.

Storks and cranes are majestic birds and are often used in Asian art and design.
This glasses case makes a great birthday gift for someone special.

In China, cranes represent happiness and a soaring spirit.

The black coin purse is a little more subtle than the red one.
Both the coin purses have a light grey blossom lining.

The glasses case is also perfect for storing phones in. The phone in the picture is an iPhone 6S.

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