Monday, 18 September 2017

Scarlet stunner

I've just added this double sided scarlet stunner to my store. It's a decorative scarf made from vintage Japanese kimono fabrics in a colour palette of reds and creams. On one side I have pieced together a variety of patterns and designs. On the other side I have used a red and cream kimono fabric that incorporates maple leaves, houses and a stream. It is mentioned in another post here.

The scarf is very decorative and bright and looks great draped around the neck.

It's 204 cm long which means it's long enough to go around the neck twice. Because it's double-sided, it looks great however you decide to drape it.

I love the vibrant red colour and have used a few fabrics that add some extra colour, such as yellow and green. You can see this in the chrysanthemum design and in the backing fabric.

Up close, you can see the delicacy of the design. The flowers below have a very light tint of pink, yellow and blue, but it's only been added in certain sections so as not to overwhelm the design with colour.

I love the stylised design of the chrysanthemums below, and the fact that some of them are coloured and some are just left as an outline.

You can find this beauty in my store here.

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