Tuesday, 19 September 2017

Mary Katrantzou

London Fashion Week is now drawing to an end and I've been coveting some of the collections online. I'm always drawn to the designs of Mary Katrantzou who is a pioneer of print and colour. Her latest Spring 2018 collection was no exception, with a full spectrum of bright colours and floral prints. She often draws her inspiration from her childhood, growing up in the 80s and has used Lego influences, as well as painting by numbers and even a few crocheted pieces in her collection.

The stunning floral above has been combined with a sporty nylon rainwear fabric.

I love this form-fitting crochet dress above. Who said crochet couldn't be sexy?!

I always gravitate to bright colours and the outfit above uses all my favourite colours. I love the Lego-influenced skirt design and flamingo handbag.

The outfit above uses another traditional technique - quilting.

The outfits above and below use a fabulously overblown floral. I love the way that some of the florals are kept as black and whites to give the feel of painting by numbers.

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