Wednesday, 26 April 2017

Beach babe

It's almost the end of April, but it's feeling really chilly here in Blighty! I'm dreaming of long hot summer days and so decided to make a selection of beach-inspired items to cheer me up. They include beach huts, anchors and sun specs, all in shades of red, white and blue, and all with a fab red and white polka dot lining. These items are all made using fabrics that I designed for Makower.

This cosmetic bag is made with a fun beach hut fabric.

Beach huts are the quintessential British beach item and are often set out in rows along the beach front in brightly painted colours. Above you can see the original design.

I love an anchor design and this one comes in either a cream version or a navy blue version, in two different sizes. The small coin purse is perfect for storing small change or earbuds. The large coin purse is big enough for small change and credit cards.

Below you can see the original design for the anchors.

I also added a fab little tissue holder made from a multi colour spectacles fabric. 

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