Friday, 28 April 2017

Fabric Friday

Last weekend I went on a little trip up North to visit my dear friend Cherry. She lives in a village called Tickhill, just outside Doncaster, and is a fellow fabric addict! There is a lovely little shop in Tickhill called From Rags to Stitches and we made a pilgrimage there to pick up some inspiration. Needless to say, I came out with quite an addition to my fabric stash and a very light wallet!

Horse designs are popular and this one is pretty in pink and navy blue, with the odd white one scattered around. It will have a pink and white polka dot lining.

The swans are quite quirky and I loved the colour combination. They are going to have a hot pink lining to match the waves in the design.

Pineapple designs are still popular and I thought the lemon slice lining was a great match.

From Rags to Stitches has quite a selection of fabrics that I designed for Makower UK, including these two nautical inspired pieces - blue starfish on cream and cream shells on blue. Both prints will have a fun polka dot lining.

I love a lobster print and just had to have this one that I found at Doncaster market. He will have a red and white polka dot lining for a bit of fun.

The pandas below were also picked up at Doncaster market and I couldn't resist them! They are so sweet and will look fab with a black and white polka dot lining.

Watch this space for some new items to be landing in store soon!

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