Friday, 13 January 2017

Fabric Friday

This Friday I'd like to mention some fabric pieces that I bought last weekend from a lovely new shop on Hill Rise in Richmond, owned by an American woman who has hand selected each piece of fabric. The shop is called Loving the Fabric and the woman behind it is Gay Appleby, who has had a life long passion with sewing, as well as a love of vintage textiles and fashion. On her website you can see examples of fabric for sale in her shop, along with a gallery showing pictures of her studio, examples of items she has been making, and photos of her collage work. You can see a small selection of fabrics on her website, but it's much better to go in and see and feel them in person!

This bright multi coloured Tana Lawn cotton is by Liberty and is beautifully soft. I love the use of colour and the scrolly, floral design. This will be used for clutch bags and purses.

I also homed in on a striking geometic fabric in red and cream. I think it will look lovely as a clutch bag and could even use the Tana Lawn fabric as a lining for a flash of colour on the inside.

This stunning gold woven fabric has a decorative floral motif and would be perfect for a clutch bag. It's a modern fabric, but would sit perfectly with the vintage Japanese obi fabrics in my store.

The red and cream geometric fabric could also be used as a lining for this gold bag.

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