Monday, 16 January 2017

Top Drawer

An impromptu trip to Top Drawer on Sunday was actually quite inspiring! I often try and pop along there, as it's a great place to get a feel for design trends. This time I went with my friend Nicky who was sourcing sympathy cards for her business, Angel and Dove. We spent quite a bit of time in the stationery section, which is always good for inspiration. I also dipped into the homewares section to see what was going on.

Pineapples are obviously still a popular design motif and I loved these plates that combine pineapples with a pleasing printed-effect geometric.

Katie Leamon creates beautiful stationery and I loved the simple graphics of her gift wrap that comes in a lovely thick weight paper.

Perlenfischer is a company launched by graphic designer Katja Kucherer. She is based in Germany and creates quirky rubber stamps that are characterised by simplicity and attention to detail. She displayed how versatile the stamps could be, using a variety of stamps to create some really fun images. Check out her website for more fun ideas.

Raspberry Blossom is a company that produces gift wrap and greetings cards. They use a pretty palette of sherbet colours and I really liked their painterly gift wrap.

We nipped upstairs to check out the Spotted and Craft sections, which is where there are a lot more one-off items. It's also great to see new designers who are showing for the first time. I was taken by these fabulous knitted chairs.

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