Monday, 7 November 2016

Tokyo - Day 1

The great thing about jetlag is that you wake up nice and early! This meant that we were out of the apartment by 8.30 and on our way to a shrine sale at Hanazono shrine in Shinjuku.

It was a lovely bright sunny morning and perfect for a meander. I love the lanterns and wooden prayer requests you see at all the shrines.

I managed to sniff out a kimono and obi stall where I did some foraging....

....and came away with this stunning kimono in shades of purple and red.

We then walked to Shinjuku Gyoen to take in the foliage. I've never been there as the gates were opening!

These young girls were dressed in beautiful kimonos and waiting to go to a tea ceremony at a traditional tea house in the park.

I love to check out the food halls in Tokyo department stores so we headed to Isetan department store in Shinjuku to see what was on offer.

The fruit is perfect but comes at a cost! The melon below even came with its own wooden box.

We then headed to Omotesando for a wander. A trip to Daiso, the 100 yen shop is a must. It's on three floors and is great for picking up fun gifts.

While we were in Omotesando I also dipped into some fave shops to pick up some fabrics. I came home with a lovely green decorative obi....

...and a stunning red stork kimono piece.

Lunch was a steaming bowl of spicy tan tan men. Yum Tum!

After a much needed nap at the apartment, we headed to the Park Hyatt hotel in Shinjuku to pay homage to Bill Murray and Lost in Translation.

The cosmopolitan was lovely, as was the view!

The evening was finished off with okonomiyaki, one of my favourite Japanese foods. It's a pancake made from a mix of cabbage, flour and egg. You can then add meat, fish or more veg.

You mix up your pancake mix and then cook it on the hot plate.

Once it's cooked, finish it off with smothering it in scrumptious sauce, bonito flakes and mayonnaise, washed down with a glass of cold beer.

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