Saturday, 5 November 2016

I'm here!

Yes I'm here! Back in Tokyo and loving it. Staying in a fab little Airbnb apartment in the heart of Shibuya. We didn't get here until 9pm, so dumped our bags and then headed out in search of food.

Shibuya was busy as ever with people out and about, enjoying themselves. There are so many food options in Shibuya, but we headed to a little ramen place I know of that has a limited but tasty menu.

You choose your food at the vending machine at the front of the restaurant. Once you've paid for it, it prints out a ticket which you give to the chef. He then cooks it up and brings it over. Washed down with a nice cold beer.

As we meandered back to the apartment we came across one of these photo booths and had to try it out. Not sure about the dubious name though! We've come home with some strangely digitally enhanced cutesy photos of ourselves!

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