Tuesday, 14 June 2016

New York - Day 3

Day three of my New York trip was a pamper sandwich with a touristy filling! I started the day with a wonderful manicure at Jin Soon nail spa on 4th street with my friend Ros. This involved shaping the nails, and then massaging them with a scrub and moisturiser before emersing my hands in wax to seal in the moisture. It felt amazing!

After a tasty lunch at Cafe Gitanes in Nolita, I decided to go on a NY wander and found myself meandering up 5th Avenue. It was a beautifully breezy, sunny day and the sky was blue - the perfect New York day and something I truly miss.

The first landmark to pass was the Empire State Building. I used to work in that area and became very blasé about it all, so it was great to see it again in a new light and appreciate its awesomeness.

The NY Public Library is a grand building and stands to one side of Bryant Park, a beautiful oasis in the centre of the mayhem where I would often go for lunch, or to see a night time screening of a film.

The Chrysler Building was glinting in the sun. It's much prettier than the Empire State Building.

St Patrick's Cathedral is another oasis away from the mayhem and a stunning historic building amongst the designer shops of 5th Avenue.

Across the road is the Rockefeller building, a perfect example of 30s glamour.

I ended my journey on East 77th street at the home of my friend Samantha, long time friend and running partner - we used to run in Central Park every week together. We ended my pamper day sandwich with a fab massage, followed by dinner at Atlantic Grill. Heaven!

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