Monday, 13 June 2016

New York - Day 2

Day two of my trip was spent in New Jersy catching up with more dear friends. First port of call was to Montclair to visit my friend Carrie and her family. She has a gorgeous home and we sat out in the garden in the sun, eating bagels and cream cheese, drinking mimosas and having a good catch up. Heaven!

Her little dog, Wolfie, is so sweet! He was originally called Laddie Puss by the shelter he was rescued at, and I'm on a mission to bring that name back!

I then got the train to Hoboken to meet my friend Colin. It was still beautifully sunny and we walked along the waterfront taking in the view of downtown Manhattan and catching up.

We ended up at a fab bar called Barcade which was full of 1980s arcade games! Fab fun, playing Pacman and Space Invaders, washed down with a few beers....

After a tasty meal of burger and fries at a local restaurant, we headed back down to the waterfront to check out the night view of downtown Manhattan. Stunning!

Colin still has his infamous cheesy grin!

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