Monday, 25 January 2016

A little giraffe family

 I've created a little giraffe family! It started with the cosmetic bag and grew into a coin purse and then a card case. I've used this fabric before, but ran out of it last year and was sad about not having any more left. When I went to Tokyo in November, I was so excited to find more of it, so snapped it up. It is tenegui fabric with sweet little giraffes on a yellow ground. I decided to give it a funky brown and turquoise polka dot lining.

The cosmetic bag is big enough to fit all the essentials. I use mine as a handbag organiser.

The coin purse has the same brown and turquoise polka dot lining as the cosmetic bag and is big enough for small change or for storing iPhone earbuds in.

The coin purse and card case both fit neatly inside the cosmetic bag and make a fab little set.

It also has the brown and turquoise polka dot lining.

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