Sunday, 1 November 2015

Tokyo trip - Day two

I'm afraid it's been a bit of a frustrating day today! I was all organised this morning to go to the Oedo antique market, a lovely twice monthly market in the shadows of the International Forum. It's usually held on the first and third Sunday of the month but I turned up, all eager to forage for fabrics and spend some money and nobody was there! After a quick Google search, I found out that Machida shrine sale is on the first of the month so I hopped on a half hour train ride out to Machida only to find that wasn't on either! I even managed to find out that another antique market was supposed to be on back in Shinjuku, only to turn up and find that wasn't on either! Something was definitely against me.

I was a woman on a mission though. I had to head to Omotesando for a hair appointment and managed to find a good stash of fabrics in some of the shops I know in that area. Phew! Here is a little taster of what I got.

The two obi fabrics above are both heavily metalliced but quite different in styles.

I really love a bit of green mixed with decorative metallic.

As an antidote to the heavy gold and weave of the obi fabrics, I went for some soft, pretty kimono pieces at Gallery Kawabo, a lovely little kimono shop down a backstreet in Omotesando.

I love this simple purple floral kimono piece.

You can't come to Tokyo without picking up something cute and these bouncing bunnies do the trick!

I already have some of the galloping horse fabric, but thought I'd stock up on more. You never know when you might need it...

I love the funky stags heads. Can you see that some of them are wearing glasses?!

I do love a cat print and couldn't resist these black cat heads on hot pink.

After dropping my bag loads of fabric at the apartment, I headed back to Omotesando to meet friends for dinner and scoff on MORE tonkatsu. I'm going to have to be rolled home at this rate....

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