Monday, 2 November 2015

Tokyo trip - Day three

I woke up this morning (having been able to sleep to a decent hour this time) to torrential rain! This was not good as I had planned a day of shopping, which is not conducive to having to cart around a brolly....

Anyway, I headed off to my first port of call, the clasp shop! It's a wholesale shop in Kuramae which has been around for over 80 years and is run by a group of little old men who play jazz and blue grass all day. The shop is packed full of all sorts of bag-making supplies and purse frames of all shapes and sizes. I headed there to pick up clasps for my cosmetic bags, but needless to say, I also found some other items in my foraging. This included these fab purse frames with a bobble detail.

I then headed to Nippori where there is an area called Fabric Town. Every shop sells fabric or fabric-related items and it's heaven for any fabric lover. I could have spent hours there but had limited time so headed to the best one, called Tomato. It spreads over five floors and has all sorts of fabric to choose from. I like to home in on their printed cottons and picked out some fab items for my cosmetic bags and purses.

These zebras are great and I love the bright red background. They will have a contrasting black and white polka dot lining.

Boston Terriers! How bloody cute?!

Two different types of glasses prints. These will be great for making glasses cases with.

I can't resist a cute kitty cat print and the dogs are pretty sweet too!

I then headed to Azabu-juban to meet three friends for lunch. We went to a lovely restaurant, Yasaiya Mei, that is vegetarian and sells fresh, seasonal food. I loved the display of greens on the counter as we entered.

What I love about Japan is the attention to small details. The chopstick-rest above is made from wood but designed to look like a slice of lotus root.

I chose a 'tendon' set lunch which includes a selection of scrumptious vegetable tempura on a bowl of rice.

After lunch we came across a shop selling rice crackers. I loved the brightly coloured, patterned packaging!

For dinner, I met up with a friend and we went for kaiten sushi ('conveyor belt sushi') in Shibuya. You choose your dishes by typing your order into an iPad in front of you and minutes later the order comes shooting along a track and stops right in front of you!

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