Wednesday, 7 October 2015

Paris Fashion Week - Valentino

It was hard to know where to edit the Valentino collection as it varied so much in style and detail!
 The underlying inspiration was from Africa. The collection started off with plain black outfits, that used many techniques to stand out - fringing, layering, mixes of fabrics. The collection proceeded on to a more obviously African-inspired look with African designs, beading, embroidery and fringing incorporated into the outfits. As the collection went on, it became more colourful, with outfits of tie dye, mixed with embossed and studded leather corsets and gladiator sandals. The last few outfits were the extreme of black and were all white, still with a host of techniques and fabric types within one outfit.

I love a bit of fringing and it works so nicely in the outfit above as black on black.
The studded collar makes a bold statement.

Raffia fringing adds texture and sheen.

Embroidered panels bring a shot of dramatic colour to a black outfit.

Vibrant African prints mix well with embellished, fringed jackets.

 Beautiful embossed leather skirt.

 A tie dye coat mixes rich colours of olive and rust together.

 Stunning white!

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