Tuesday, 8 September 2015

Kimono cuffs

On Sunday I got busy with the sewing machine and ran up a few more kimono cuffs! They are really fun to make and I love choosing the combination of fabrics for each one. The top fabric is made of vintage kimono fabric and the underneath fabric (that sits agains the wrist) is generally made from cotton. I like to use a colour that contrasts with the kimono fabric and adds a bit of zing! The cuff is stiffened by adding a canvas strap which is sandwiched between the kimono fabric and cotton. I then hold it closed with a button and elastic loop closure. Each button has been carefully chosen to compliment the kimono fabric.

You can find this cuff in my store here and I will be adding more cuffs over the next few days.

Each cuff is a unique item but would look fab worn on its own or with a variety of other cuffs.

I chose a red and cream kimono covered button for this cuff.

I like to wear it with the button facing upwards, but it could be swivelled around to show the pretty maple leaf design instead.

 This cuff is made from a pretty coral maple leaf design.

You can see the flash of bright green cotton on the inside.

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