Thursday, 10 September 2015

Anyone for tea?!

I fancied a spot of tea this afternoon and decided to brew up the 'tea' I bought in Istanbul. It's actually just pure jasmine buds that have been dried and are sold by the kilo at the spice market.
Jasmine tea is known to have many health benefits including having a calmative effect that soothes the nerves.

I was taken in by their aroma and appearance in the Spice market, but only bought a handful to try out once I was home. 

 I was told by the market vendor I bought them from that I had to soak one bud in a litre of hot water, so that's what I did!

It takes a while for the bud to open, but once it hits the water, the pink colour intensifies.

The tea has a beautifully subtle floral aroma and is the perfect beverage for an afternoon break from work. Now I just need some sweet, juicy baklava to accompany it.....

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