Friday, 4 September 2015

Fabric Friday

Check out these moody blues for a moody Friday afternoon. The weather here in the UK has been despicable and has a lot to answer for! I'm just about ready to go and put a sweater on.....

These fabrics definitely lift my mood though. They are all blue and white cottons and all come from India, two from my friend Jo who has a shop called Bazaar, and one from my friend Laura who was given the fabric on a trip to Amritsar. All the fabrics use a resist technique to create their beautiful patterns. The patterns were created either with a block print or painted freehand and in some cases have been printed several times to create a layered effect.

 The white design would have been printed first onto plain white cotton, using some sort of resist, such as wax. 

While the wax has dried on the fabric, the fabric is dyed a light blue and then another design is painted onto the fabric also using a resist. The fabric is then dyed a darker blue. 

All the resist is then removed. If it's wax, it can be removed by placing absorbent paper, such as brown paper, on top of the fabric and using the heat of an iron to melt the wax off the fabric and onto the paper. So clever!

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