Thursday, 3 September 2015

Turkish Delights - Istanbul shopping

Most of my Istanbul shopping experience was at the Grand Bazaar. I would have loved to have gone further afield and found some hidden boutique gems, but will have to save that for my next visit! Having said that, I had a great experience at the bazaar and came home with some beautiful pieces which you can read about here. It was great to just set aside a few hours to allow for a meander around the endless narrow corridors, soaking up the colours and designs of fabrics, clothing, scarves, jewellery etc etc.

Endless patterened cushions. Even boots were highly decorated.

I didn't buy any rugs, but was seriously considering some of these beauties hanging on the wall.

Endless wares as far as the eye could see. Bartering is still used here, but not as much, with many vendors having pretty fixed prices.

The clothing below is vintage. I love the hot pink and gold.

The fabrics below are modern cottons printed in the folkloric style.

Piles and piles of decorative slippers.

Clothes for kiddies.

A wall of pretty vintage trinkets from Uzbekistan.

Pomegranates are often used in cooking and there were many beautifully decorated ceramic versions to buy.

I loved the floral vase below.

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