Monday, 6 July 2015

Monochrome Monday

This Monday there's a bit of monochrome madness going on at Cheeky Leopard!
I recently created these two clutch bags using a selection of black and cream fabrics that I had in my collection. Each pattern is quite different to each other, but works well together and I spent time finding the right combination for each bag. This often involves laying out the pieces and playing Solitaire with them - moving them around and trying out different combinations. Sometimes I will leave them and walk away for a while, and then come back with a fresh eye. Once I'm happy with the combination, I sew each strip together and neatly top stitch each one to ensure it lies flat.
I added the Cheeky Leopard trademark of a bright lining to each bag for a pop of colour on the inside.

You can find both clutches in my store here.

The clutch pictured above and below is made from a selection of home furnishing fabrics and Japanese kimono fabrics pieced together. I love the delicate black and grey leaf design.
This bag has a vibrant purple lining.

The clutch above and below is made from black and cream home furnishing fabrics pieced together. I love the dramatic black swirly design on the cream taffeta. This bag has a hot pink lining.

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