Wednesday, 24 June 2015

Indian Summer

Why not add a touch of Indian summer to your wardrobe with these stunning Indian sari clutches?! I bought the fabrics in India a while ago when we went to a friend's wedding, but the bags have only recently been created by me.

I have finally added them to my store and am so happy with them! Each one has a suitably bright lining and a detachable chain handle. I have also made a card case to match each clutch. I often find that I don't need to take my rather large wallet when I go out, so I 'decant' the essentials, such as credit card and cash, to my card case and just take that instead. It doesn't fill my clutch too much, allowing for more essential items such as makeup and phone. I've even managed to squeeze a pair of ballet pumps into one of my clutch bags before!

You can find all items in my store here.

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