Friday, 12 June 2015

Cheeky Leopard shelf

I was very chuffed recently to find out that Cheeky Leopard has its own shelf in Alisha's home!

Alisha is a self-confessed Cheeky Leopard addict. She recently bought a new home in the States, after living in Tokyo for several years. She writes a fab blog about her adventures and they are always interesting, whether they are in Tokyo and sampling the many wonders there or, more recently, rediscovering the wonders of home and renovating their new home!

It's obviously been quite a task, but she is the queen of organisation and is ingenious in her organising! The most recent project was her walk-in closet which she now plans to hold parties in! She has figured out a place for everything and it's all done in a very pleasing way. Imagine my surprise when I was reading her blog and discovered that there is a special shelf for all her Cheeky Leopard bags! Alisha has always been a great supporter of Cheeky Leopard and I was so chuffed to see my little gems lined up on a special shelf in her house. Thank you so much for sharing it Alisha!

You can read more about Alisha's closet here.

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