Tuesday, 30 June 2015

A trio of summer clutches

Anyone who knows Cheeky Leopard, knows that I love a bit of colour, but I also realise that bright colours are not for everyone. Recently I have been focusing on trying out some softer colours for summer and have been very happy with them!

Each of this trio of beauties incorporates a number of fabrics, which I have collected from many different sources. It's a lot of fun to play with the fabrics and work out which ones go well together. Some of the fabrics come from couture fashion or home dec, others are vintage Japanese obi and kimono fabrics, but in each case I put the fabrics together simply because I feel that the colours work so nicely with each other.

Each clutch has a detachable chain handle and you can find them in my store here.

 This clutch uses shades of gold, cream and beige and the fabrics I used are a combination of couture fabrics, home dec fabrics and Japanese fabrics.

I gave it a fab green taffeta lining.

 This clutch uses a pink Japanese obi fabric mixed with a black and white kimono fabric.
I love the pretty colour combination.

  The lining of this bag has a modern pink and white blossom print which I designed to go with the Temptations group by Makower UK.

This clutch uses beautifully soft pink fabrics, with a tiny hit of gold.

I do love a flash of colour for the lining so gave this bag a bright burgundy lining to counteract the softness of the outside.

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