Thursday, 2 July 2015

Art House

Last Sunday I dipped into Art House, a yearly event that celebrates creative talent in the borough of Richmond upon Thames. Over 500 local artists exhibit their work over two summer weekends, with exhibitions in homes, studios, cafes, church halls and even in boathouses. There is a wide variety of artwork including painting and photography, stained glass and woodwork, sculpture and ceramics, jewellery and bag design.

I only managed to see three exhibitions on Sunday, but was highly impressed by all of them. My favourite was at the home of Dennis Gilbert, an artist in his nineties who lives in a beautiful home in Teddington. From the outside the house looks very small, but as you enter though the side gate, your are transformed into a beautiful sheltered courtyard garden. At the far end of the courtyard is his studio, a wonderful light-filled room that I would die for! Dennis has been painting for over 60 years and has a wonderful selection of nudes, portraits and landscapes.

Art House is also open his weekend, 4th and 5th July, and I'm looking forward to discovering more of the local talent we have on our doorstep!

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