Sunday, 1 February 2015

Sunday craftiness

Having my nieces to stay is always good fun and a great excuse to get crafty. This time we decided to make decoupage letters. I managed to find wooden letters for each of them at the local craft store, as well as some pretty patterned tissue paper especially for decoupage, although this is expensive!!! You can just as easily use regular tissue and we had a lovely selection of colours to choose from as well as some stick-on shapes. All you need is a cheap craft brush and some PVA glue and then you can get sticking. The best approach is to tear your tissue into small pieces and then spread glue on a small section of the letter with your brush, stick down your tissue, and then spread more glue over the top, to make it nice and flat and to give it a sheen once it dries. Work methodically around the letter in this way and then leave it to dry!

We spread all the items out on the kitchen table and had a nice selection to choose from, including glitter shapes, furry balls and patterned Japanese washi tape.

Delilah went for shades of blue and pink and added shiny shapes and polka dot hearts.
The tissue changes to a lovely shade of purple when the pink and blue overlap.

 Florence decided to cover hers in the pretty floral decoupage paper.

We had a lovely selection of bright tissue paper colours to choose from.

The finished result!

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