Monday, 2 February 2015

Pink bunnies

I'm not usually someone to gravitate towards pink bunnies, but I couldn't resist these cuties.
The fabric is a furoshiki fabric that I bought in Tokyo back in November. A furoshiki is a traditional Japanese wrapping cloth used to wrap gifts and other goods. Click here to see a diagram illustrating the many different uses of this versatile cloth.

Sometimes the furoshiki fabric can be a family heirloom and the tradition is that you give a gift to someone wrapped in the furoshiki and they then give you the furoshiki back. Unfortunately a few of my non-Japanese friends didn't know this tradition and were given gifts in this manner. They kept the cloth thinking what a lovely bonus, only then having to experience a rather awkward exchange with the gift-giver having to ask for the furoshiki back….

Anyway, these cuties have now been made into a very sweet coin purse with a matching pink and cream floral lining. The perfect storage place for all your small change, credit cards or headphones.

You can find it in my store here.

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