Tuesday, 27 January 2015

The colour purple

I've just added these purple beauties to my store. They are both made from kimono fabrics and each has a stunning image on the outside as well as a bright flash of lining on the inside.

Cheeky Leopard clutch bags come in two sizes. The large one fits everything you could possibly need for a night out and has a handy detachable chain handle. The small one is perfect for a posh meal out, or could be used as a pretty cosmetic bag.

I've used this feather fabric before and love it! It's a kimono outer jacket fabric which I bought from a lovely old man at an antique market in Tokyo. You can find it in my store here.

The chain can be detached, or can flip neatly inside the bag if not needed.

This little clutch bag is made from the softest kimono fabric. There are touches of red in the flowers and I decided to mirror that and use a red cotton for the lining. You can find it in my store here.

 Whilst researching the colour purple, I found many interesting facts about it! 

- It is a colour associated with royalty and religion. 
- Purple was one of the first colours used in prehistoric art.
- The dye was originally made using thousands of tiny snails. The juice from a gland in the snail was extracted into a basin and then left in sunlight where the juice turned from white, to yellow, green and eventually deep red. The process was stopped at just the right time to achieve the desired colour.
- An easier way to obtain the purple colour was to use blackberries, but their colour faded in the sunlight or when washed. 
- Lichen was another natural form of obtaining the colour purple. 
- Apparently many world leaders wear purple neckties as it is considered less aggressive than red but more active than blue!

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