Tuesday, 17 February 2015

Shine like a star

When I lived in Tokyo I bought most of my clasps from a store in Kuramae. It's been there for over 80 years and is an unassuming shop nestled in the wholesale area. The majority of the people who work there are older men, who are always very friendly and helpful and like to listen to jazz. There is always something interesting playing on the radio and everyone is industriously sorting out orders and packaging things up. The shop itself is jammed full of all manner of fixings for bag making and quite a treasure trove for any bag-making enthusiast. I wouldn't have a clue what to do with most of the items there, and sadly my limited Japanese prevented me from ever learning about them. It was always a pleasure to make the trek across town, usually on their discount days when the store was heaving and all customers received 10% off their order. I aways stocked up on a load of purse frames, most of which you can see being used in my store.

While I was visiting Tokyo last November, I paid a visit to the shop and stocked up on clasps. This time I bought some beautiful purse frames with a star detail on the clasp and here is the first one I've made up. I decided to use a blue and white star fabric to match the star of the clasp. I sadly only bought four of these, so will have to be very careful with what fabrics I choose!

You can find this little cutie in my store here.

This could be used as a large coin purse or a small handbag.

The red and white polka dot lining compliments the outer star fabric perfectly!

The purse has a detachable chain handle.

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