Friday, 20 February 2015

Fabric Friday

Today's fabric choice is a little offering from my rather extensive collection of kimono fabrics. I have several boxes full of small cuttings that I collected over my four years of living in Tokyo. Many stall holders at the antique markets I frequented, sell small pieces of kimono fabrics, and these are often the perfect size for a Cheeky Leopard coin purse or clutch bag.

I rediscovered this kimono piece recently as I am planning a new design group for Makower, inspired by Japanese fabrics. I often draw inspiration from some of the elements in the kimono fabrics for my designs. I chose this one for the flower shapes, but I also love the mix of vibrant pink and red with a touch of orange. I'm always intrigued by the layouts of kimono designs, the layering of the pattern is often very intricate and I love the inclusion of geometric motifs in some areas - see bottom right of the image. I also love the fact that this fabric piece looks so modern, even though it is vintage.

You can see more kimono-inspired designs on my portfolio website.

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