Saturday, 27 September 2014

50 Shades of Grey?!

Anyone who knows Cheeky Leopard knows that I love a bit of colour and most of my bags are pretty vibrant in hue. This is partly due to the fact that I wear so much black -  I feel I have to counteract it with a bright accessory, and the black really makes the colours stand out. 

I also understand that brights aren't for everyone, and so I have recently been playing with softer colours. These are the first two in softer shades to hit my store and I'm very pleased with them. Both items are constructed using strips of fabrics pieced together to create a lovely striped effect. Each piece of fabric used has a special quality. It could be a pretty weave, a gorgeous print or a silky feel and both are lined with a handwoven Japanese cotton fabric which mirrors the blue fabrics on the outside of each bag.

You can find both clutches in my store here.

 Both bags have detachable chain handles to that they can be used as a handbag or a clutch.

 This clutch uses a stunning silver and grey tree motif which is woven into the cloth. I combined it with a navy blue silk and added a white and grey decorative silk on either side.

 You can find this clutch in my store here.

I prefer to use mine as a clutch rather than a handbag. 
I can tuck it neatly under my arm or hold it in my hand.

This clutch uses a pretty navy blue and white decorative woven silk, mixed with a blue and white chunky weave and a silver and white Japanese obi fabric.

You can find this clutch in my store here.

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