Friday, 26 September 2014

Fabric Friday - Focus 2014

I'm using this Fridays fabric slot as a chance to talk about my excursion to the Design Centre in Chelsea Harbour on Wednesday. I went there to visit the Focus event which is held twice a year and offers a chance to view the latest collection from the interior design world. There are 99 showrooms at the Design Centre, a pleasingly light space consisting of three domes over a galleria. It's a great chance to see hundreds of designs under one roof and was very inspiring.

A colour scheme that I liked was the combination of putty and grey mixed with a vibrant orange.
I found this stylised leaf motif at the Jane Churchill show room.

I love the combination of geometric designs on this chair, all held together by the colour scheme.

There were quite a lot of soft pinks and greys. I liked this combination by Scion.

The Scion showroom had this soft pink chair as part of its display. It has a lovely 50s vibe to it.

Scion also had a collection of vases to illustrate how the colours could be used in home accessories. 
Throw in a touch of mustard and brown to make the pink less girly.

I like the painterly feel of this simple triangle design on furnishing fabric. 
Blue and green was a popular colour combination.

Bold lime green florals in overlapping shades were applied to big florals at Villa Nova.

Add some grey to this floral to make it cooler. It still has touches of green.

A lovely simple black and white floral.

This is a nice colour carrier and a simple way of doing a co-ordinate.

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