Monday, 2 June 2014

Three little gems

A lovely customer recently came to visit me at my studio as she wanted to commission three handbags as gifts for three of her friends. Each friend has a favourite colour and she wanted to find the right match for each friend. We spent a lovely afternoon sifting through my rather extensive fabric stash, looking for the perfect colour combination, as well as discovering items I'd forgotten I even had.

This is the result and I love them all! The great thing about doing custom work is that you often end up with combinations you never would have thought of. I'm so happy with them and love the fact that they are going off to good homes.

This includes chakra colours and we used a deep blue kimono fabric as the lining.

 This is made from a vibrant green obi fabric trimmed with a green ribbon. I love that hot pink lining!

This is made from a vintage kimono and has a stunningly bright yellow lining.

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