Sunday, 8 June 2014

Fabric picture frame project

My nieces came to stay last night and this always means a good excuse to get out the crafty supplies and make something fun. This time we  decided to make fabric-covered picture frames.

They are very simple to make. All you need are two pieces of thick cardboard which are the same size. Ours were about 26cm x 32cm, cut from an old cardboard box. I drew a small rectangle in the middle of one of the pieces and cut it out, using a scalpel. This creates the hole for the frame. We then wrapped strips of fabric around the frame, stapling it at the back to secure it. On the other piece of cardboard, we stapled a white piece of paper in the centre of it, to create a clean white background. Once the frame was completely covered with fabric, we attached it to the other piece of cardboard using strong glue, and it was finished! 

Yesterday I stocked up on lots of fun crafty items at my fave shop, Tiger.

Flo chose a blue and white colour scheme and was very careful about where she placed her patterns.

 Lila's choice was a bit more eclectic and very colourful!

Lila decided to add some sparkly balls to her frame afterwards and drew a pretty picture to put in the frame. Flo is going to put a photo in hers.

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