Monday, 23 September 2019

100% Design

London Design Week is drawing to an end for another year and it's been great to dip into some of the shows that have been going on. On Friday I headed to Olympia to check out 100% Design and I found some inspirational designers that immediately made me want to redesign my home!

I love a grey sofa (and have one in my home) and loved this one by British Design Shop. It looks great set against an orange wall and if that's a bit bold, just accessorise with an orange velvet cushion.

The orange and grey theme was also used in this wonderful wool cushion cover. The dark wall behind gives it drama whilst the cream Mid Century Modern chair keeps it fresh.

These retro-inspired tables are by Curve Top Tables and they come in a series of vibrant colours and a variety of fluid shapes, perfect for curving around your sofa and adding flowing lines to your space.

Friends of Wilson is a company that produces hanging screens made form 100% wool felt and available in a range of rich colours. It combines abstract art, design and acoustics to give a practical solution to an open plan space.

For lighting, my favourite company was Showroom Finland a Helsinki-based business that creates stunning lamp shades out of plywood. No glue or screws are used and the lights are assembled using numerous plywood parts, bringing together traditional Finnish techniques with modern computer geometry.

On another stand, these light shades were being produced using a 3D printer.

There was also a good selection of jewel tones on show. I took a liking to these velvet-covered footstools in a fun combination of colours.

Or how about this fabulous teal armchair with a modern twist on the Mid Century style.

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