Monday, 29 July 2019

My last day in Santander

For my last day, we decided to head to the beach. It was a bit of a hike but lovely once we got there and we decided to rent sun beds. Dom and the girls headed into the sea with their boogie boards whilst Morwenna and I lay on the beach and chatted. There was also some bat and balling going on! Sadly the sun didn’t last long, so after a nice lunch by the sea, we headed back into Santander to mooch about the shops and chill out for a while. There are a few things we are a bit bemused about here. Firstly the rather fab pedestrian crossings which have a little green man who looks like he’s moon walking! Secondly are the travelators that are dotted around the city on the slightly steeper areas, but not always within reason. Thirdly, the rather hilarious funicular that we took a long time looking for, only to find that it’s the shortest funicular in the world!!! My last evening ended up with a fab tapas dinner followed by the biggest ice cream I’ve ever had!!!

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