Wednesday, 24 July 2019

8 Holland Street

Whilst on my wanderings around Bath recently I came across a rather pleasing gallery and design store near the iconic Royal Crescent called 8 Holland Street. The interior retains the Victorian mahogany display cases and golden glass lettering from its former life as home of the Bath Oliver biscuit and flagship store of the wine and grocery merchants Cater, Stoffell and Fortt.

The store combines antique and modern furniture and artworks with smaller products and homeware. I loved these patterned notebooks which come in a pleasing array of prints and colours.

Modern items fill the traditional showcases, such as these bold vessels and jugs below.

Furniture is arranged artfully in the space, mixing eras and styles to create a laid back feel.

Wherever you look, there are pleasing still lives that inspire you to go home and rearrange your home.

The original tiled entranceway greets you as you walk in.

The window display drew me in, with its mix of patterns and textiles.

The original 8 Holland Street began in Notting Hill/Kensington area of London, so I will now have to pay a visit to that too!

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