Friday, 19 October 2018

Leopard love

With a name like Cheeky Leopard, it's a good job I love animal prints! I didn't realise how much I loved them until I decided to sort out my wardrobe. I lined up all the items I own with an animal print on them and there are at least 12 pieces! My collection ranges from shoes, a shirt and even a leopard print coat using the more traditional leopard colours..... the more unconventional colours of red and grey, like the skirt and shirt below.

This t-shirt is the funkiest combination in burgundy and hot pink, but it doesn't come out very often!

And it's not just leopard skin that I appear to be into. I also have some zebra print-inspired items including a sweater with a large zebra skin design and a shirt with mini zebras on it.

Along with wearing the prints, I also love to create animal print-inspired items for my store. This includes a funky multi colour leopard print as seen in the cosmetic bag and fabric pot below, both are perfect for storing cosmetics or bathroom items in.

I love zebra motifs and was drawn to this fabric below of a zebra on a turquoise blue ground. It comes in various products including coin purse, glasses case, card holder and tissue holder.

You can also find zebras on a red ground, with a slightly more novelty-inspired zebra. I love the combination of the red and black and white on this tissue holder and card case duo.

Or you can have the zebra print on its own with this tissue holder and card case combo.

Heres to flaunting your inner animal!

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