Friday, 12 October 2018

Butlers Emporium

I've been meaning to mention a lovely shop I went to a while ago whilst visiting the south coast. It's based in the Old Town area of Hastings, which includes a lovely pedestrianised street full of independent shops and cafes. You could almost miss this street if you didn't know it was there as it is tucked away from the main road and makes a nice change from the regular seaside promenade. My favourite shop on this street was Butlers Emporium, run by Rose Ratcliffe.

It's situated in a charming building dating back to 1832 and has been a hardware store and iron mongers before Rose took it on and beautifully curated it with elegant homewares and lifestyle items displayed across the shop's old furniture and cabinets.

Rose has always sold products that she loves and she finds joy in combining the old and the new. Modern, stylish crockery items sit next to chipped enamel ware and old teddies.

Every corner of the shop has a surprise element to it, but nearly everything in the shop made me want to buy it! I could have quite happily taken home a pair of these lovely silver Moroccan slippers.

The wall below shows a montage of random items, some found, some made by the owner, all brought together by colour and against the wonderful peeling wall behind.

Needless to say, I made some purchases! I chose these two items below for their packaging. Coco chocolates are so tasty and always have interesting prints on their packaging, which makes for a lovely gift. The goats milk soap has a patchwork of indigo blue Japanese-inspired papers, all wrapped up with a simple piece of string which just works so well!

Whilst I was at the counter, I was admiring these beautiful little bottles of scent. I loved the whole design of them, the bright colours, but especially the brightly coloured tassels.

The shop assistant saw me admiring the tassels and offered to sell me some! So I came home with these four fab colours which I'm going to try using on some of my bags.

I also came home with a lovely selection of pom pom ribbon which I am going to attach to some of my bags. I'm going to have fun working with this, I can tell!

While talking to the shop assistant, I also found out that Rose organises shopping trips to Morocco and my eyes lit up. How amazing would that be?! Rose has been travelling to Morocco for over thirty years and knows the best places to shop. It's definitely on my list for the future....

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