Wednesday, 31 August 2016

A weekend by the sea

Last weekend was a bank holiday in the UK and our family made the most of it by heading down to stay in a lovely house in Middleton-on-sea, just along the coast from Bognor Regis.

The house had lovely big grounds and a trampoline in the garden.

Every morning I went for a brisk walk along the seafront to blow the cobwebs away.
The morning light was beautiful.

We also spent some time sitting on the beach and playing in the sea.

The beach was only two minutes walk from the house and we practically had it all to ourselves.

Lila made a mermaid in the sand.
The pebbles on the beach were perfect for her scales and seaweed was used for hair.

We enjoyed slush puppies.....

.....that made our tongues go blue!

And we paid a visit to the arcade to play on the slot machines.

 Flo won a bouncy ball and Lila won a lolly, so well worth the £5 we spent!

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