Tuesday, 12 April 2016

New home

I finally feel like I am now happily settled into my new home after a few weeks of nesting! This included having the whole apartment repainted, in a fresh white, with a soft grey for the bedroom. I even got the kitchen cupboards repainted in a very light grey colour. They were a wood laminate before and had a slightly dated feel to them. It really lifts the feel of the kitchen and I'm so glad I chose to have it done.

In the living room I have a lovely charcoal grey three seater sofa and instead of getting a matching two seater sofa, I decided to use two armchairs in a light grey. These two were from Ikea! I love the symmetry, with the chair artwork above to match.

All the Japanese items I gathered over my time living in Tokyo have fitted into my new home very comfortably. The kokeshi dolls above sit on a red lacquer tray, and the Japanese chest below works wonderfully with my modern lamp. 

I managed to gather a small collection of fans when I was in Tokyo.
The red and white one below has been framed and fits beautifully above my white lamp.

I chose grey for the walls in the bedroom as it has a very calming feeling.
My pretty Japanese scenic print looks perfect above the bed.

I even have a spare bedroom! And it's all ready for guests, with a  fresh blue and white ikat-inspired duvet cover. I'm looking forward to covering the bedhead in a similar blue and white ikat fabric. Maybe a little project for when I have a bit more time?!

I haven't shown any pictures of my studio yet as it is in a bit of a state! I didn't quite realise how many fabrics I had until I had to schlep them into my new place.
They will all eventually find a home and then I will post some pictures.

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