Thursday, 11 February 2016


I love cats! I have two beautiful ginger cats of my own, Bob and Tom, Japanese boy cats who we got from a rescue centre whilst living in Tokyo. They are now happily living in the UK with a garden to run around in. I also love a good cat fabric and picked up a few fun pieces when I was in Tokyo in November. I recently made some of them up into cosmetic bags which you can see below.

This cosmetic bag is made from a doodle-style cat design with cats of all shapes and sizes.

Check out the fab bright green polka dot lining.

This cosmetic bag is made from a multi colour stylised cat design.

It has a red and white polka dot lining.
Both of these purses could also be used as a gadget pouch or handbag organiser.

I couldn't resist including some shots of my own cats. Here they are snuggling up on a cold winter's night. Check out the fab red and cream Scion fabric cushion I made in the background!

Here they are in the back garden on a summer afternoon.
Bob is sitting on the garden chair. Can you see where Tom is?!

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