Wednesday, 15 July 2015

A weekend in Amsterdam

There's nowhere quite like Amsterdam, with its warren of ancient canals, grand buildings and laid back vibe. It has the beauty of Venice, but the buzz of an evolving metropolis and I was lucky to go there last weekend on a whirlwind trip. We stayed in a hotel that was pretty central, but away from the mayhem of the red light district and close to an area called Jordaan which we loved, with its trendy boutiques, cool cafes and laid back vibe. I'm afraid to say, we didn't do any of the big museums or touristy sights, but meandered the back streets and canals and it was perfect!

I will save the museums for another trip....

Bikes really are the main form of transport and all the roads are well designed for cyclists.

Saturday was a beautifully sunny day and everyone was out on their boats, pootling along the canals. By the evening, the canals were heaving with revellers enjoying the warm weather. Some even had BBQs on their boats.

Needless to say, we ate well while we were there. The photo above was taken at Pluk, a lovely health food restaurant in the Nine Streets area where we ate a beautiful watermelon, feta and walnut salad washed down with a stunningly pink fruit juice drink.

We couldn't resist these delicate morsels at the Museum of Bags and Purses.

We had a very good latte at the HAY cafe when we first arrived - conveniently situated across the road from our hotel! They also sell beautiful home products. 
One evening we had a fab meal at Van Kerwijk, a restaurant where there is no menu, but the friendly staff sit down with you and read out the day's choice. The food was very good!

The buildings look stunning at night time as the lights come on. I love the proportions of the tall thin buildings with their large windows that let in lots of light - makes it easy to spy into beautiful homes!

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